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Revolutionize Your Community Resilience Program with Peopled

Expressions of Interest (EOI) are now open

Are you Ready to Transform Community Resilience? If you are part of a community resilience program that could benefit from free access to an innovative app and support to uplift your community and stakeholders coordination, we urge you to apply!

A Groundbreaking Partnership Opportunity
Peopled is calling for expressions of interest from individuals and organisations involved in leading community disaster resilience programs, who are seeking to transform collaboration dynamics. We aim to select three pilot partners to work with us to pioneer more inclusive, efficient, and trustworthy collaborations among governments, organizations, communities, and individuals globally.



About Us
We are Peopled, an early-stage tech startup developing a social impact collaboration software that accelerates community initiatives through enhanced partnerships and traceability of outcomes. Peopled is a revolutionary central hub for impact that unifies the social impact ecosystem to catalyse a change that is both felt and seen in real-time. Can you imagine the impact of a disaster relief scenario, where all stakeholders can converge on one platform for streamlined communication, focused coordination, traceable donations, and monitoring of results?

Our prototype won a Remarkable Design-Athon 2023 award and gained strong validation from over 200 people engaged among vulnerable communities, social enterprises, government, volunteers, and donors. 

As we gear up developing our full Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with our recently launched beta app (, we are looking for 3 early-adopters and partners who can benefit from running a fully supported and free customer pilot and influence how our platform will best support community disaster resilience, creating impactful community resilience outcomes and new possibilities in this space.

What's In For You

  • Exclusive access to our beta and MVP pre-launch, offering:

    • Co-design of initiatives, managing budgets, and decision-making processes.

    • Goal leadership designation and skill sourcing

    • Transparent tracking of goal progress and outcomes with sensitive information safeguarded

    • Enhanced connections and collaboration through user profiles featuring minority groups, skills, and causes

  • Strategic and Program Management Mentoring

  • Dedicated training and support to help your community make the best use of Peopled

  • Supported Stakeholder Engagement & Marketing through our channels

  • Exclusive free access to Peopled’s first paid subscription tier for one year

  • Showcasing of successful pilot cases and key participants through our marketing and engagement with government, charities, and humanitarian agencies 

  • Feedback and Co-creation: Actively participate in the co-creation of new features and functionalities within the Peopled platform, ensuring it meets the core needs of its users 

  • Shared knowledge across our supported programs to leverage success cases and tips


Partner Commitments

  • Active Participation: Partners commit to engaging regularly with Peopled, providing timely feedback to inform platform improvement throughout the pilot

  • Adoption: Partners support the uptake of the app amongst diverse program participants and promote the Peopled platform to their stakeholders, encouraging adoption and utilization throughout the pilot program implementation

  • Resource Allocation: Partners allocate staff time and expertise to support pilot program implementation effectively
  • Data Sharing: Partners agree to share relevant data to support the best outcomes for the pilot program and the beneficiary community (data sharing terms will be discussed and incorporated in Pilot Agreement accordingly)

  • Long-Term Collaboration: Partners explore potential for continued collaboration

EOI Application Requirements (recommended limit of 250 words per question, maximum allowed: 500 words)

  • Organizational or Community Profile: Overview, mission, focus areas, and previous initiatives

  • Project Overview: Description of current programs, target demographic and location, key participants, and progress

  • Objectives: Goals for partnering with Peopled, highlighting current challenges our platform could help address

  • Community Impact: How the project will enhance resilience and expected benefits

  • Commitment: Willingness to meet partnership expectations. High level proposed engagement, based on your project needs and capacity: ie. frequency, key activities, and preferred ways of working

  • Supporting Documents: Any additional documents or evidence that support the application, such as previous project reports, testimonials, or stakeholder endorsements

How to Apply

Please email your application to Giuliana Hayes at If you have any questions or would like to discuss this opportunity in confidence, please contact Giuliana Hayes directly on 0422911822 or via email.


Selection Process and Key Milestones

  • Initial Screening & Shortlisting: Review all EOI applications to ensure they meet the basic criteria outlined above and shortlist applicants based on alignment with Peopled's mission, clarity of goals, and potential for impactful collaboration. Short-listed applicants will be contacted on May 6th

  • Interviews & Selection: Conduct interviews with shortlisted applicants to delve deeper into their needs, capabilities, and potential for joint benefit for both parties. Finalists announced by May 20th

  • Pilot Program Design & Agreement: Collaboratively design pilot programs with finalists and enter into a Pilot Agreement. Agreements executed by Jun 7th (required extensions can be agreed during the interview phase)

  • Implementation: Launch pilot programs with three selected partners (dates to be agreed during the pilot design)

  • Evaluation: Continuously evaluate the progress and outcomes of each pilot program, gathering feedback from partners and stakeholders

  • Opportunity for further collaboration: Based on the performance and impact observed during the pilot phase, we may continue a long-term collaboration that creates mutual value

We look forward to reading your applications and learning more about your programs and potential impact! 

Contact Us

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Reach out if you have any feedback, questions, or want to receive the first word when our app goes live.

Join us in building stronger communities!

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