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Our Story


"Peopled is the brain-child of Giuliana Hayes, a Sustainability Consultant deeply committed to positive social change. Inspired by her diverse experiences in innovation and technology, including crafting a sustainability system for the world's largest B-Corp, Giuliana envisioned a platform to bridge divides and foster collaboration. Her journey, shaped by encounters with disadvantaged communities  and natural disasters,

culminated in Peopled: a central platform where diverse individuals and organisations shape a brighter future, empowered to make and influence better decisions, strengthen support networks, and employ their strengths in co-creating meaningful contributions to their communities. Giuliana's vision aims to harness diversity and align shared interests to address social challenges collaboratively.

And voila! Peopled was born – a collaborative tool that links up purposeful folks, organisations, and communities. We’re all about making partnerships smoother, faster, and more transparent, so we can collectively foster more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable communities worldwide.

Meet Our Founders

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